Платформа для швидкого пошуку гуманітарної та волонтерської допомоги в усіх областях України

Tutors4Ukraine management volunteer positions

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Опубліковано 30 черв. 2022
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Tutors4Ukraine.org is a project that helps Ukrainian refugees learn a foreign language by matching them with a volunteer tutor.

Our mission is to help Ukrainian refugees be productive in the world economy, stand firmly on their own two feet, and be able to support themselves - and Ukraine.

In less than 2 months of operation we already had 200+ tutors and students join our Slack workspace and have established 50+ stable tutor-student pairs/groups across 9 languages.

Now we need to scale it up to: a) process more tutors and refugees, b) provide better support to the participants, and eventually c) expand to further educational projects.

1. Tutor and student handler

As tutor and student handler you will be the first line of contact for our tutors and students and will provide them with support:

-Conduct onboarding calls with new students and tutors
-Serve as a point of contact for students and tutors
-Match students and tutors, introduce them to each other, assist in setting up the first meeting
-Conduct off-boarding reviews
-Language requirements: English and Ukrainian/Russian
Time requirement: <12 hour per week with daily availability

2. Tutor support and training manager

As a tutor support manager you will find new ways to support our tutors and provide them with tools to do the best possible job:

-Find or create content for tutors (tips for teaching languages, keeping students engaged, explaining difficult topics, structuring lessons)
-Collaborate with experienced tutors to produce materials to train new tutors
-Finding speakers to conduct webinars
-Create teaching resources for unexperienced tutors
-Language requirement: English
Time requirement: <10 hours per week.

3. Social media editor/manager

As our media manager you will be responsible for:

-Suggest the plan/calendar for media activity and coordinate with content creators
-Converting the content provided by other volunteers into social media-friendly format
-Posting the content to our social media, Slack channels, and newsletter
-Language requirement: English with Ukrainian/Russian preferred
Time requirement: <8 hours per week

4. Outreach and partnerships manager

As our recruitment and partnerships manager you will responsible for:

-Reaching out to tutor and refugee organizations with the goal to recruit more tutors and students to our project
-Reaching out to tutors and students on social media
-Language requirement: English with Ukrainian/Russian preferred
Time requirement: <8 hour per week

5. Content creator (student/refugee resources)

As a content creator for student/refugee resources you will:

-Find (or create) relevant content for Ukrainian refugees abroad that is related to learning languages, professional training, or career opportunities
-Language requirement: English and Ukrainian/Russian strongly preferred
Time requirement: <10 hours per week.

We kindly ask that you fulfill these requirements:

-You commit to the selected role at least for one (1) month. It takes time to train a new volunteer (you) and we need to know that we can rely on you.
-Speak English. Our team uses English as their working language and all roles will require you to communicate with other team members.
-You are reliable and trustworthy. Things happen but you will give us a heads up and will not leave without saying anything. We depend on you.

To apply
Please fill out our form.  
We will review your application and contact you within 7 days for a short call.

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