Платформа для швидкого пошуку гуманітарної та волонтерської допомоги в усіх областях України

How to help Ukraine if I live in another country?

How to help Ukraine if I live in another country?

Today Ukraine is in a horrible situation because of a Russian invasion. Russian troops have attacked major cities in Ukraine, including our capital Kyiv. They kill our people, cause irreparable damages all over the territory. Thousands of people are forced to hide in bomb shelters or leave their homes at all. 

However, the Ukrainian army is strong. We believe that we are able to protect our lands, people, and dignity because it must not be otherwise. And we need your help more than ever.


How could you be helpful?

  1. Ask your government to support Ukraine and enforce sanctions against Russia & Belarus. Don’t be silent and spread the information. Protests all over the world make this problem visible and it becomes easier to deal with it. 
  2. Please, check the Schedule of Rallies around the World
  3. Force NATO to close the sky by posting tweets with hashtags #ShelterOurSky #RussiaInvadesUkraive #StopRussianAgression #StopRussia #StopWarInUkraine
  4. Stop doing any business with Russia: by paying them, you fuel the Russian army and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Inform CEOs in your company!
  5. Force big international companies to ban Russia and stop their activity there.
  6. Spread images. Russian propaganda hides the truth from their citizens. It’s exactly the WAR, not “military operation”, as Putin says.
  7. Donate money to the Ukrainian army. Thanks to our soldiers, we can be at least basically safe.
  8. Donate money to Ukrainian humanitarian funds. Many people left everything they had at their homes and lost them. They need food, clothes, and personal hygiene products.  
  9. Visit How can you support Ukraine? to learn more.